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Lost in a desert daze- Inspired by the Arizona desert and all of it's beauty, this sticker pack can bring a lil' bit of that southwest magic to any home.


Want stunning rainbows in your home or car? Carefully place upon a window that gets plenty of direct sunlight and wait for the rainbows to hit! As the seasons change, sunlight will hit the stickers at different angles and cause rainbows to move around the room! Lean into those desert daydreams and experience what we like to call, "The Rainbow Hour"


Shipping time will take 2-3 weeks to fufill. Promise you these babies will be worth the wait. 

Desert Daze Sticker Pack

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Rainbow Decals are printed on an 8x10 sheet of special Rainbow Symphony cracked ice rainbow film.

    Sheet contains five decals- Cactus cutie, Cow Skull, Crystal, UFO, and Lizzie Rose Media Heart <3 

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