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Hi there - I'm glad you're here. Whatever has brought you to this page, I'm so pleased that you have found my corner of the internet. Take off your coat and stay awhile- I'll put a pot of coffee on. I guess you clicked on this page to know more about me- so here's the scoop. I am a photographer, videographer, model, journalist, producer, stylist, self love advocate, writer, amateur comedian, and over all a person who adds more warm fuzzy feelings to my community.


My goal is to create as much positive and impactful media as I can- photography, videography, and written text that empowers the viewer. Most of my time goes to creating content for businesses to strengthen their marketing efforts. I love my clients and am so passionate about helping them succeed. My modeling work challenges brands to accept and celebrate different body types and has lead me to working on self love advocacy- or the process of helping others learn to feel confident and powerful in who they are. I am eager for opportunity and want to experience so much in this lifetime. 

Great- Thanks for letting me talk about myself, now feel free to email me and let me know what you're working on! Now... do you take cream and sugar in your coffee? I think it's ready. Lets change the world. 

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