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The Liberated Oracle

48 holographic cards. Guidebook for reflection. 5x7 sturdy box. Lots of magic


We are so honored and excited you’ve chosen to explore the Liberated Oracle with us. The intention of this deck is to reawaken its owner to a selection of inner archetypes chosen with intention and love. We hope this deck will be a source of inspiration, comfort, hope, and introspection for you.


So much love has gone into every step of creating The Liberated Oracle. The portraits in this deck were shot in an artistic and empowered flowstate over the span of four years. Each subject was encouraged to channel self-love and true presence through a grounding meditation before being photographed. I’ve always believed each time I photograph someone I see their true divinity and beauty — It is my deepest desire these archetypes will help you to see yours. The invocations you will read in this booklet were channeled with your healing in mind, to provide loving empowerment to those who seek inspiration and guidance.


Each deck is comprised of 48 photos printed on high quality cardstock with a matte varnish and holographic edges. Each card is 4.75" x 6.25" and they arrive with a full booklet for reference and in a decorative box. 


This project is produced by Lizzie Rose x Phoenix River

Graphics and design by Cosmiraaa

Produced by Eli Morgan 


Your support means the entire world. Thank you so much. 

The Liberated Oracle Deck

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